making all the same mistakes

I need to continue doing music, regardless of the outcome.

Trying to settle my thoughts.

Trying to settle my thoughts.

Yeah let’s start this again.

I’ve been trying to cover this for such a long time now, knowing I’ll never get it perfect I went with it and recorded.

Everything is falling in to place


You’ve been on my mind a lot recently.

For that I’m sorry.

I have no idea where this is heading.

I know where I want it to be heading but I’m unsure of how to go about it, or how you will react. I’m constantly waiting on you to throw me a line, to help me out, show me you want this too. I’m forever second guessing my feelings mistaking them for naivety. My heart is torn between letting you in and blocking you out. I can’t keep waiting on you to say something, so regardless how you react I need to tell you. I need you to understand how I feel. So here it goes. What do I really have to loose apart from you? 

My head is a mess.

Probably one of the most amazing videos on youtube.

Bon Iver - I can’t make you love me

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